Excellence is a much over-used word, I find.  However, there can be no better word to describe what Kristina strives for and achieves across all her diverse activities.

I know Kristina as both a client for personal training, and for sports therapy and rehabilitation, and also as an advisor to her for her developing business activities.

The depth of her understanding of physiology, and her attention to detail ensures a highly successful personal training regime, while her skill as a sports physiotherapy practitioner always produces effective results.

Her growing understanding of business principles is a robust complement to her skills as a practitioner, and there is significant potential for developing a successful company with diverse, high quality services in the field of health and fitness.

Her boundless energy, enthusiasm for her discipline, which is now being enhanced by her working for a Masters degree, are astonishing.  At the same time, she has a very approachable manner while being completely professional at all times.