Pregnancy Specialised Treatments

“Many people offer Pilates for when you’re pregnant, others offer pain management or relaxation through massage, where as others offer pre- and post-baby fitness training. FITWORXS offer you ALL of this and MORE!
With our set of pre- and post-pregnancy, or build your own FITWORXS pregnancy packages you can help make your pregnancy and early motherhood hugely more enjoyable, less stressful and leave you feeling all round better about and within yourself! We offer a free consultation where you can find out a little more about what we do, and how we can help you!
At FITWORXS we are specialised in providing massage and Pilates instruction for expectant and new mothers. We are experts in helping you try to relieve any aches and pains you might feel during this time of physical and emotional change.
We can even try and help sort daddy out; and make him more helpful to you! Please fill in our enquiry form, email direct or call us for any more information”.