Why do I ALWAYS say ICE, ICE, ICE….?!

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My rugby boys (& frankly probably most of my private clients, although they are less vocal) get SOOO annoyed at me when the first thing I normally say after they describe a niggle is ‘oh stick some ice on it’ but it is so important!!!!

Ice is the second component in the old adage RICE an injury (R=rest, I=ice, C=compression & e=elevation). Now most people don’t complain too much about the other three, as they are pretty easy to implement, but icing an injured or sore area, just isn’t that fun!

But it helps in reducing the pain, reduce inflammation and speed up healing.

So there you go; you want to get better? Get icing!! please… 🙂

Written by Kristina

I own 2 FITWORXS clinics (est'd '06), am Head Sports Rehabilitator down at Grasshoppers RFC, am a Pilates Instructor who now also teaches for the Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), Netball Lover & Happy Woman! "Forever Pushing for a Fitworxs Future!"

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