Who created Pilates? Joseph Pilates: The Legend!

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Yes our well-loved, media created, so called ‘for females’, Pilates was originally devised by a man!

Mr Joseph Pilates!

He was a German national who moved to England in 1912 working, amongst other things as a self-defence trainer with the MET police! Even though he worked in England and for England we still interned him as a POW in WW1!

He boasted that the students he taught wrestling and self-defence to came out stronger than when they went in! It was here he refined and defined his theory of ‘contrology’ which later became Pilates!

After the war he returned to Germany were he began to train their police force but after pressure to train the German army and not happy with the political and social situation he immigrated to the USA!

Met his lovely wife Clara, a nurse, on the boat and opened his first ‘contrology’ studio in New York City!

As his studio was next to a dance studio some of the original exercise were directed towards these hypermobile flexy lexys! This is why our latter day Pilates exercises have been slightly tweaked for us lot now!!!

Any picture of Joseph you may find; he’s in his pants! And any of Clara, she’s always in her starched nurses uniform! Cheeky!

Check out the next Pilates blog for how Fitworxs works with clients using the modified Pilates repertoire of exercises learnt through the amazing international APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) and all about how Kristina @ Fitworxs is now teaching physios to become brilliant Pilates instructors!





Written by Kristina

I own 2 FITWORXS clinics (est'd '06), am Head Sports Rehabilitator down at Grasshoppers RFC, am a Pilates Instructor who now also teaches for the Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), Netball Lover & Happy Woman! "Forever Pushing for a Fitworxs Future!"

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