My Grasshoppers Rugby Pre-Season Rehabbing- 4 weeks in!

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You would think that with pre-season only just started, myself and the rest of the Fitworxs & Grasshoppers Sports Rehab Team would be living the easy life, after the boys having 12 weeks off with rest, and off season strength  & conditioning and fitness training?!

Yeah right!

Boys learn a lesson!

Props shouldn’t play 5-a-side football and any player should not go to the perfectly planned off season sprint sessions straight from 6 weeks at a desk job, with a hangover! Groins will explode and ankles will roll!

But seriously down at my wonderful club, the mighty Grasshoppers we have been seeing great numbers down, with enthusiastic players training hard and playing hard!

New coaches are bringing in a lot more ‘real-game feel’ to training; which basically means that they are going to smash seven bells out of each other sooner in the season and much more often!

And this means that as their main rehabber that I will be seeing a hell of a lot more injuries dealt out by another lad on their own side!

Now some might see this as crazy!


The boys will toughen up quick, they will HAVE get to get their techniques right quick and they will have to learn to get their recover time down quick!

If they do we will have a hard, disciplined, strong, mentally and physically prepared side ready for everyone this season.

If they don’t…?  Well, see you in April because I will have NO time for anything else!

Will give you another update towards the end of pre-season; let’s see how busy we Fitworxs staff have been with our treasured Grasshoppers!


Written by Kristina

I own 2 FITWORXS clinics (est'd '06), am Head Sports Rehabilitator down at Grasshoppers RFC, am a Pilates Instructor who now also teaches for the Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), Netball Lover & Happy Woman! "Forever Pushing for a Fitworxs Future!"

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