Are we at Fitworxs like a Barber Shop?

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I recently read an article by Mike Reinold who is a Physio blogger about the type of business/clinic you see yourself as and thought it share my thoughts on it with you. He put it into perspective, comparing with the type of place you go to get you hair cut at. A very clever idea!

He asked; “are you a ‘chain’ salon?” who works with the emphasis on sheer volume of clients, providing a fast service, which is sought after but can sometimes be detrimental to the client? Or “are you an ‘upscale’ salon?”, where it’s all about the glitz and the glamour, what funky colour uniform are you wearing, where the price is over the top but again doesn’t necessarily mean you can deliver the service the client wants? And then there was the ‘barbershop’ where the practitioner is experienced & caring, working in a clean and easy environment, with a no-pressure atmosphere; where the advertising is strongly word of mouth, and the emphasis is on the service, not the frills or the want of getting the absolute numbers of customers in.

I would love to think that Fitworxs is a barbershop; expanding yes, but all who work there know what is going on in our little world, but most importantly what’s going on in the world of our customers. Where the client knows we really care about their wellbeing and we strive to provide the best that we can give, no matter what the time frame.

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Written by Kristina

I own 2 FITWORXS clinics (est'd '06), am Head Sports Rehabilitator down at Grasshoppers RFC, am a Pilates Instructor who now also teaches for the Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), Netball Lover & Happy Woman! "Forever Pushing for a Fitworxs Future!"

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