EIMD – How is it affecting you?

What is EIMD?? EIMD stands for Exercise Induced Muscle Damage. Exercise is typically followed by a muscle healing response (Danna, Brynan, Beutel,  Campell, & Joseph, 2014; Schoenfeld, 2012) =where the hypertrophy (the big gains!) happens.… Read More

You’ve got 99 problems: Is your gym partner one?!

With a wealth of literature suggesting motivational training increases via the attendance of an effective coach (Becker, 2009; Gordon, 2009; Jowett & Ntoumanis, 2001; Mageau & Vallerand, 2003; Phillipe & Seiler, 2006) it could be… Read More

Pilates: What’s the point?

Joseph Pilates was self-taught in his field; he was a bodybuilding, boxing, yogi, gymnastic martial artist! Whilst training the Metropolitan Police Service at the outbreak of the First World War he was interned on the… Read More

What’s in your gym bag?!!

Athletes and coaches; from the ‘weekend warriors’ to world class elite, are embroiled in an endless pursuit, looking for training aids which guide, strengthen and optimise the training programmes put in place (Prabhakar, 2010). Most… Read More

If overtraining is like heroin; is your coach your pusher??

After reading the mirrors article titled: ‘Addicted to cheese? It contains su bstances similar to HEROIN’. (http://www.mirror.co.uk/usvsth3m/addicted-cheese-contains-substances-similar-5285861) I can say, YES, I am an addict. With cheese, my mum is my pusher: “we’ll just sprinkle… Read More

Stop Selfies: Start Squatting

Can Selfies Help You Squat??! Recently on social media, based on personality studies and their habits, it’s been said that people who post a lot on Facebook have a mental disorder! 2015 research showed that… Read More